When you think of the foods you enjoyed as a young child, it would be hard to create a favorites list that didn’t include foods on the sweet and cheesy scale. We all loved these foods and they held sweet memories for us. However, as we grew older, we realized that our tastes needed to change. We needed more lean meats and fresh vegetables. The love for our favorite foods didn’t leave us, but they became a small part of an ever-expanding list.


Well we developed Sweet-n-Cheezy to help revive those memories while adding in the new foods you love. By using fresh, natural ingredients, we aim to bring you the comfort foods you love, just like you remember them…or with a twist.


Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Our chef-inspired grilled cheese offerings bring together some of your favorite flavors wrapped in the comfort of fresh, melted cheeses and artisan, baked breads. Each sandwich is grilled to order with cold-pressed olive oil and stuffed with fresh produce and meat options.


As the inspiration of the chef changes, our menu will change but don’t worry; our tried and true favorites will stay on the menu year-round. Visit our daily specials to find out the chef-inspired offerings of the week.


Fresh Freeze

The signature sweet treat at Sweet-n-Cheezy is the Fresh Freeze. Inspired by the snow cone treats we loved in our youth, the Fresh Freeze is a shaved ice treat with fresh fruit, fresh whipped cream and all natural syrups.  Try one of our specialty options or build your own.


When providing fresh, natural treats, we are subject to the availability of local produce so our fresh fruit menu will change throughout the season. If you would like to know today's fruit selections, just check our fruits of the day.





Telephone: 512-887-4540


Email: info@sweet-n-cheezy.com

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